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Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America with David Horowitz

dark-agenda--the-war-to-destroy-christian-america-resizeDr. Dobson sits down with popular conservative author and speaker, David Horowitz. The two discuss the origins of the hostility towards religion, while David explains his decision to walk away from a liberal mindset.

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On this broadcast, Dr. Dobson continues his conversation with David Horowitz. They analyze the liberal agenda to suppress Christianity and highlight the importance of our God-centered heritage.

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americas-spiritual-civil-war-resizeAmerica's Spiritual Civil War

Does it seem sometimes as if America is coming apart at the seams? Ideas we commonly shared are now shouted down. Judeo-Christian values are openly disparaged. The spirit of our nation is strained. This is no coincidence, as Dr. Dobson reveals in America's Spiritual Civil War.

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