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Develop Common Interests With Your Spouse

Do you share life interests with your spouse? It's important for the husband and the wife to find areas of shared interest and activities to afford time together. Dr. Dobson shares some great ideas ...

The Straight Life

Dr. Dobson talks about the many cultural influences that encourage infidelity today and "the grass is greener" cycle that is a recurring theme of those who become involved in extramarital affairs.

Don't Rush Into Sexual Intimacy

Patience is a virtue and is valuable in every aspect of life, especially when it comes to intimacy. It's essential that couples do not rush into physical intimacy before the friendship relationship ...

True Commitment

Marriage has more to do with commitment than anything else. Dr. Dobson cites the extraordinary commitment to marriage made by family friend Keith Korstjens through decades of dedicated caretaking for ...

Teachers Need Our Encouragement

Dr. Dobson lifts up teachers and educators, who far too often find themselves overworked and underappreciated, doing their best against all odds in classrooms full of students who increasingly have ...

Who's In Control

Dr. Dobson observes that when a child challenges the authority of a parent, it's at least in part based on the universal human desire for power and control, and beckons that parent or adult authority ...

Both Parents are Needed

Dr. Dobson points out that, at least statistically speaking, children need both parents to be successful in school.

Encouraging Independence

At what point does your grown child need to move out? While circumstances will drive many decisions, it's important that every grown child must take ownership of their lives and be released when it's ...

The Impact of Divorce on Children

Studies have shown us that the long-term effects of divorce are devastating–even into the adult years of grown children.

Slow Things Down!

Family life today is going way too fast! Yet, how do you slow it down? Dr. Dobson provides key insights on how to make this happen.