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Scripture Resources Partners




BibleGateway.com seeks to nurture Scripture reading and understanding among Bible readers around the world. As a free Bible search and study tool, Bible Gateway offers hundreds of different translations and languages, as well as devotionals and Bible study tools and resources. Since 1993, Bible Gateway has worked to make God's Word available to readers worldwide in their own language, and to equip them with tools and inspiration they need to understand and apply Scripture in daily life.

Bible Gateway's library of online Bibles has grown over the years to include hundreds of different translations in languages ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese. In addition to the text of Scripture, we provide a vast library of Bible study resources, including audio Bibles, commentaries and reference works, and dozens of devotionals. Available in both the web browser and native mobile platforms, Bible Gateway aims to introduce readers to God's Word, and to help them interact with Scripture in a way that strengthens their faith and their Christian witness.

Bible Gateway is privileged to work with Christian publishers and partner organizations around the world to make the Bibles and study materials freely available to online visitors from every part of the globe. We believe that Scripture has the power to touch hearts and change lives—and for over twenty years, God has used Bible Gateway to bring people into contact with His Word. Today, we continue to build our library of Bibles and study resources and look forward to many more years of service in God's Kingdom.

Important links:

Bible Gateway homepage: www.biblegateway.com

Bible Gateway mobile app: www.biblegateway.com/app

Newsletter library of devotionals and reading plans: www.biblegateway.com/newsletters