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iDisciple is focused on connecting you with the life-changing Word of God.

Launched in November 2013, iDisciple continues to be the world's leader in Christian content. But what does that mean — to you, the user? Well, it's simple: We are dedicated to providing the most relevant, life-changing content to connect people daily with the inspiring Word of God. ... OK, so how does that happen?

iDisciple partners with more than 240 ministries, and we are focused on continuing our purpose to enrich the lives of the Christian community around the world. To make that happen, iDisciple fosters relationships with ministries, and together we work to deliver articles, videos and audio content to the platforms — in the app and on the web.




Part of iDisciple’s mission is to fight social injustice on a global scale for the cause of Christ. We are committed to giving away all profits to groups on the same mission, and being a market leader by focusing on life-changing content from today’s relevant authors, speakers, and organizations.

No one wants to walk alone — and iDisciple is there for you every day during your walk with God. But daily routines can become monotonous; rinse and repeat can become a way of life. With iDisciple you can discover what touches your heart, from encouraging text to inspirational videos and uplifting music. There is something for everyone — what you need, when you need it.



Available for iOs and Android or on our the iDisciple website.